-Mongolian Gobi is one of three Paleontology world centers. The famous Yoliin Am(eagle valley) is the highest peak of Eastern Beauty Mountain and its altitude reaches 2815m of above the sea level.

-And Famous Red Flaming cliffs of Bayanzag, Where were found Dinosaur eggs by the expeditions Ry Chapman Andrew in 1922. Mongolia is considered second country of dinosaur finds while USA is first and 330 types of dinosaurs have been found in the world and 60 types of them are belong to Mongolia. The hills in Bayanzag look like burning hills when sun sets. People have been living for a long time here because the place is always in rich of plants even dry years.

-Tsagaan Suvraga is located 419km away to the south west of Ulaanbaatar city in Dundgobi province.

It’s 90 degree of straight, consists of many colors of clay deposits. In ancient times, there was a big sea in KHevtee and Bosoo valleys of Tsagaan Suvarga. After dried up the sea, this area became a valley with many glacis and escarpments, covered by many different sedimentary deposits. Tsagaan suvraga is a big escarpment with 200m height and 400m long.

This place has been protected since early times and local people say that Tsagaan khairkhan/ respectful name/ instead of Tsagaan Suvraga.

- Also famous Sand Dunes of Khongoriin Els (singing Dunes), they are up to 300m high, 12km wide and 100km long. The views of the desert from the top are wonderful. You will have a opportunity to watch Gobi sunset and sunrise in the desert, at nights shining stars and moon in the clear sky.

Middle and South Gobi tour

The Gobi measures over 1,600 km (1,000 mi) from southwest to northeast and 800 km (500 mi)
per person
13 days