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Altai Mountains—located at the borders of Russia, China, and Mongolia. One of the last untouched wilderness areas of Asia, and it the highest mountain in Mongolia, including holy peaks, Khuiten, Malchin, Burged, Olgey and Nairamdal.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bayan-Ulgii Province, Mongolia
WEAR Comfortable warm clothing, warm boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Accommodation in hotel in UB*** with breakfasts Accommodation at the tourist camp in the countryside
Accommodation in tents All entrance fees to museum and Nat.Parks
City tour ticket Folklore show
Guide service for all program Excursions as per itinerary and entrance fees to all museums and National parks
Horse, camel riding Meals during whole trip
Transport for all program Visit Nomads family
Air ticket to and from Ulaanbaatar, airport tax
Airport tax – 12 USD per person
Gratuities and drinks
Own expenses, alcoholic beverages
Telephone and medical expenses
Travel Insurance
Visa to Mongolia
Domestic flight


Additional information

DestinationAltai Mountains
Day 1

Fly to Ulaan-Baatar, Capital of Mongolia.

  • Arrive in Ulaan-Baatar at the Chingis Khaan International Airport.
  • You will meet our guide and driver.
  • Transfer to the hotel.
  • Sightseeing with Mongolian’s largest Buddhist Monastery, listen to horns calling lamas to temple, rituals and observe the monks, after lunch visit Natural History museum.
Day 2

Fly to Bayan Ulgii Province, Western Mongolia.

Arrive in Ulgii, the capital of the Bayan-Ulgii province, which is the most remote town of western Mongolia. Visit the most interesting a handicraft shop, local black market and museum. It is well stocked and with comprehensive information of flora and fauna of Bayan-Ulgii as well as it colorful traditional costumes. Stay in hotel

Day 3

Drive to Altai TavanBogd National Park

Drive by minivans(furgon)180kmvia Ulaan-Hus along the northwestern roude. Explore numerous petroglyphs and Turkic stones. Area of Bayan Ulgii is rich in archeological remains of the Bronze Ages. At Shiveet Hairhan Mountain, where Tuvan nomads live, in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.  The Mountain is sacred for the residents and they protect numerous of ibex in there.  Meet local horseman who prepare horses and camels. Overnight in tents.

Day 4

TavanBogd Massif

With the support of camels we will trek for 16 km towards to the base camp  and camp next to the 20 km long Potanina glacier, which runs down from the highest mountain in Mongolia. Remain there for two nights. , Tavan Bogd means “ The Holy Five” referring to the five highest peaks, of which Huiten Uul is the highest in Mongolia, 4374 meters above sea level.. The other peaks are named Nairamdal, Ulgii, Burged and Malchin. It is a stanning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow capped peaks and gorgeous view of all of them during the sun set and sun rise.

Day 5

Climb Malchin Uul

For a full day we will make day hikes to the Malchin Uul. You don’t need any climbing gears. Just walking up 5 hrs only following by edge of Mulchin, you reach the top. Come back to the base camp same day.

Day 6

Back to Tsagaan Gol Valley

Trek back to the head of Tsagaan Gol Valley where Tuban people spend their summer. Tuubans are shamans, and there are some tribe people who really practice shaman and they help sick people and do various shaman ceremonies. In the evening visit tuban family and get introduced to their culture, taste dairy products as well as milk vodka, which is distilld from the yogurt made from yak milk. They also do wonderful felt crafts. Camp nearby the family.

Day 7,8

Altai Mountains crossing

We will load our equipments onto pack-camels and start trekking towards khara airah ,two  full days for the crossing sing of the Altai Mountain range .We will pitch camp before the snowy area. Certainly big game such as Snow Leopards and its prey species live here, but they are extremely difficult to see. Perhaps you may see Altai snowcock, the highest altitude living bird of Mongolia. We will cross the Altai at the highest elevation of some 3600m, near the peak of Tsagaan Hairhan Uul(3662). Overnight in tent.

Day 9,10

Bear valley

Continue  trekking through  in the bear valley, spend one night near small waterfall. Trek down a valley with patches of larch forests and have a picnic lunch near so-called Green Lake, after few hours trekking down pitch camp.  Overnights in tent.

Day 11

Akh su

Our impressive camel caravan comes out of the valley , we pitch camp at the bank of river. Stay in tent.

Day 12,13

Aral Tobe (hill) and to Khoton lake

Full day trek through dramatic steppe valley along the river, we pitch camp Aral Tobe, next day head to Khoton lake . The area is below the snow-capped Ikh Turgen Uul. We are now only 10 km from the China border. These are the summer pastures of numerous Kazakh herdsmen. Their yourts are a bonanza of handicraft. They are  so friendly and hospitality people. You can engoy to see when the sun setting and rising on the lake, swim and fishing. A fishing rod comes in handy here. The largest subspecies of Mongolian Grayling is easily fished here. Overnights in tent on the shoreof Khoton lake

Day 14,15

To Baga Turgen Uul

Full day trekking and reach the joint of the two lakes, send back riding horses and camels, next day hiking nearby western side of Hurgan Lake and Hoton Lake, where many Nomadic Kazakh families spend summer time. Through in the Baga Turgen Valley  we see the beautiful. On the right side snowcapped mountains with forest, which make the wall between China and Mongolia. Overnights in tent.

Day 16

Drive back to Ulgii

Drive back to Ulgii through Tsagaan gol river valley and Tsengel soum. Bayan Ulgii is rich in arheological remains, as a reminder of the Bronze Age and the time of the Huns and Turkic invasions. After 5-6 hrs, arrive back to Ulgii town and stay in a hotel.

Day 17

Departure for Ulaan-Baatar in the morning.

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