8 days

The Tsaatan people( also called Dukha) domesticate reindeer, riding them, breeding them and using them for milk, cheese and fur, their home region of Darkhad valley, Hovsgol province, Mongolia. The area inhabited by the Tsaatan is known as the “taiga,” who live in conical tents similar to the North American teepee. The area is home to some of the most powerful Shamans in Mongolia.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Darkhad valley, Hovsgol province, Mongolia
WEAR Comfortable warm clothing, warm boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Accommodation in hotel in UB*** with breakfasts Accommodation at the tourist camp in the countryside
Accommodation in tents All entrance fees to museum and Nat.Parks
City tour ticket Folklore show
Guide service for all program Excursions as per itinerary and entrance fees to all museums and National parks
Horse, camel riding Meals during whole trip
Transport for all program Visit Nomads family
Air ticket to and from Ulaanbaatar, airport tax
Airport tax – 12 USD per person
Gratuities and drinks
Own expenses, alcoholic beverages
Telephone and medical expenses
Travel Insurance
Visa to Mongolia
Domestic flight
Day 1

Fly to Ulaan-Baatar, Terelj Nat.Park

Arrive in Ulaan-Baatar at the airport Chingiskhaan and transfer to Hotel, sightseeing with Mongolian’s largest Buddhist Monastery, listen to horns calling lamas to temple, rituals and observe the monks, after lunch visit Natural History museum.

Day 2

Fly to Murun, Khuvsgul province.

Arrive Murun ,have a lunch in a local restaurant and start off roads adventure to Uushigiin Uvur, a complex of deer stones, burial mounds and tombs. The deer stones spread widely in Central Asia. 600 deer stones were found in Central Asia. 500 of them were found in the territory of Mongolia. Deer stone is the first monuments of human. The earliest of them belong to XIII-IX century BC while most of them belong to the Bronze age, drive to Ulaan-Uul village, stay in tent.

Day 3,4,5

Drive to Richinlhumbe, Visit Shamans.

On the to Rinchinlhumbe spend one night In Ulaan-Uul, next day continue our journey.

The small town Renchinlhumbe is located in the remote Khoridol Saridag mountain, and is an outpost in the wild terrain of this Darkhad valley. During next lovely days, you will have opportunity to ride reindeer and Observe them. We will spend next day in walking, hiking horseback riding in the environs at the lake and the nearby mountains, visiting the local nomadic families. And visit Chamans to see their rituals. Stay in tent

Day 6

Drive back to Murun, stay in hotel.

Day 7

Drive to Ulaan-Baatar

Stay in hotel
Day 8

Transfer to the airport, departure.

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